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State police watching drivers this holiday weekend

3,000 gallons of IP transformer fluid leaked into the Hudson River

Heroin kingpin and reseller convicted

Upstate man faces vehicular manslaughter other charges after a fatal crash

State unemployment rate remains at 6½ year low

Unofficial start of summer

Comproller releases april cash report

Thruway Authority Board of Directors approves modified budget with no toll increase for 2015

Schumer asks FRA, Amtrak to implement additional safety systems

Former bank manager sentenced for stealing over $1.4 million from depositors

Career criminal sentenced for assaulting police officer

Tax exemptions jump while job gains slow for IDA projects

Environmental group sues USDOT over crude-by-rail standards

Amtrak resumes service between NYC, Philly

Education Department agrees to improve oversight of migrant education program

Astorino would consider another gubernatorial run

Seatbelt crackdown through the end of May

State burning ban extended for another week

White Plains bank teller who stole customer data heading to prison

Upstate woman pleads guilty to federal child porn indictment

One dead in minibus-ambulette crash

Death train was doing twice the speed limit

Senators say rail safety a top priority

Rep wants full NRC investigation into Indian Point transformer fire

DEC issues final supplemental generic environmental impact statement on high-volume hydraulic fracturing


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